The Amazing Knitting Photographer!

Shooter. Stylist. Knitter. Baker. Marathon runner. Never has one person worn this many hats so spectacularly. The master of multi-tasking--I do it all. On my site you will find all my interlocking hobbies. My background is heavily set in the visual arts with a degree in both film and video and fine arts. I spent my formative years shooting short films, painting, drawing, sewing, and making jewelry.

Today I work in multiple departments at QVC, from styling and shooting product, redesigning my studio's sets, and managing our prop house. And, when time allows, I work on various video and photo projects outside of work, the latest two being a coworker's music video and my award-winning video entry for the Department of Education's "Why Open Education Matters" contest.

My dream has and always will be to create; to keep my hands busy whether behind a camera, on set, or via my KitchenAid, there's no time to rest when there's art to be made--even when on vacation!

I'm currently freelancing in Philadelphia and New York and would love to be a part of YOUR next project!